We operate on a referral basis and accept these from schools and any other professional body working with, and who know and can confirm the families’ financial situation and hardship. We accept these judgements as due diligence and confirmation for us to proceed to help.

We cannot accept self-referrals – if you need our help or believe that you know a family whose children would benefit from our help, please contact the childs’ school (or applicable agency) in the first instance so they may initiate the referral process with us. 

Once we have received the referral, we will contact the family to obtain the remaining information.

We have chosen to avoid the ‘one-size-fits-all’ route and instead make this more personal and tailored to each child – we have come to understand that not having any choice is as limiting as not having enough money.

We deliver the items directly to the school or referring agency via discreet parcel for the family to collect.

** update 18/08/23 – referrals are now closed **