What We Help With

Over the last few years, we have witnessed not only a rise in food and fuel poverty, but general financial hardship that is directly affecting school-age children. Families may experience a temporary hardship situation, ongoing financial difficulty or ‘in-work’ poverty, and we have seen how this can affect children as a result. One of our main aims is not to make a fuss – if we can help children who need the basics for school life and make them comfortable amongst their peers, whilst at the same time lifting some of the financial burden from their parents, then we’ve achieved what we have set out to do.

SKiP helps referred families by providing new school related uniform, school shoes, bags and other equipment required for the school day. The age range of referred children we assist with is 3-16 years old (primary and secondary school) and must be in receipt of Free School Meals / Pupil Premium.

In some circumstances, we can also assist with sports kit and after school clubs. Our aim is to provide each child referred to us with new items, and thereafter with ‘as new’ condition (more often unused), second hand donated items as a second or third set. See below for an idea of what we can provide:

◦ School Uniform ◦ School Sports Uniform ◦ School Bags ◦ School Shoes ◦ Help with School Activity Clubs ◦